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September 2nd, 2008

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The Copley History Group is a non-profit community group that has been run by volunteers, who continue to initiate and support a range of community projects. Beginning in 1991 as the Copley Action Group, and in 1998 becoming the Copley History Group, achievements include:

  • Holding annual fairs
  • Amassing a local history resource library
  • Provision of bus shelters
  • Organising Clean Up Australia days
  • Craft weekends and markets
  • Supporting local Gymkhanas
  • Initiation of the first Copley Newsletter
  • Provision of cemetary fencing
  • Stobie pole painting project
  • Purchase and maintenance of community photocopier

Postscript, September 22, 2008:

Community members are asked to be aware that as of 19th August 2008, local proprietor and JP Mrs Maxine Hawking has registered the words ‘Copley History Group’ as a business name and has stated in writing, September 3rd 2008, to the founder of the group and editor of the Copley Phoenix, that any further use of those words will lead to legal action.


  1. M(r)S TaKeN IdEnTiTy

    ThE pEoPlE wHo DweLl iN cOpLey
    bE a MiSh-MaSh Of:
    oLd fOlK, YoUngE fOlK, aRtIsTs, JeSteRs,
    eVeN sMaLl BuSinEss’S.
    ThEy bE a Of PeAcEfUl hEaRt
    bUzY oF hAnds
    VaLuE hUmoUr & InTeGrItY
    aNd pRoVe tO bE Of aN iNqUiZitIvE nAtuRe
    ObVioUsLy wElL aBlE tO bAnTeR
    ThEiR ViSiOn bE
    a GrEen, cLeAn
    sElF-SufFieNt tOwn.

    NoW I dOn’T aIm tO eVoKe bAd fEeLiNg
    ThE RoAd bEen AllReaDy tRaveLlEd
    wItH aTtEmPtS tO sToP
    wOrLd WiDe wEb & pApEr BlOcKeD
    bUt tHe LaTesT wHisPeR Do DisTURb mE sO
    A MoVe NoW mAdE, aN OLD IdEnTiTy TaKeN
    Oh, sHaMe fOr SuRe
    a dIrTy MoVe
    “THE” bEiNg yOuR oNlY SaVioUr
    OhH MaDaM, Do YoU KnOw nO LiMiT?
    tAkInG cReDiT wHeRe CrEdIt aIn’T dUe
    ShAmE oN yOu
    rEmOvE tHaT bAdGe tHat rEaD
    ‘cArInG, cOnCeRnEd cOmMunItY mEmBer’
    Oh PeOpLe, sHeD a SiNgLe TeAr
    uNiTe aNd gRoW sTrOnGeR
    MoVe foRwArD wItH OnLy gOoD InTenTiOn….

    Comment by KiCkInG BiRd — September 2, 2008 @ 9:06 pm

  2. Does anyone have any idea what this Kicking Bird person is talking about? What a strange way of writing – very hard to understand!

    Comment by Lulu — September 3, 2008 @ 10:51 am

  3. WOW!!!!! what an amazing group to have accomplished so much over the years. Your town is lucky to have these people there. Goodness knows what has happened there, but I congratulate that group of volunteers for all they have achieved. Well done.

    Comment by gene — September 4, 2008 @ 11:34 am

  4. yes Lulu…what is kicking bird talking about? It looks like someone has been up to no good in a community of people who only want to do good things.

    Comment by glory yu — September 8, 2008 @ 11:38 pm

  5. Fantastic achievements from the Copley History Group spanning some time and all recognised by the community – well done with the group and keep up with the good works and remember a name is just a name and woe betide people who mess with the good intentions of community spirited people – they inevitably shrivel up or drown in their own vomit…so best to focus on the light and let spirit take care of those that dont.

    Comment by Carmah Bumbite — September 9, 2008 @ 8:41 am

  6. not sure about the vomit thingy, but the rest makes such purity of sense and is good advice. Consider it done!!!!

    Comment by di — September 11, 2008 @ 10:56 am

  7. seeing that some of the commenters here are wondering what is going on, let’s tell the world shall we. A person in Copley (who shall remain nameless, oh ok it’s Maxine) has gone out and registered the words “Copley History Group” as a trade name, and has begun mailing letters out to local people threatening them with legal action if they should use “her” trade name as this would damage the goodwill that she has in the brand.

    As a result this longstanding community group has been forced to disband, or at least, reform under a different name. gee, let’s hope maxine doesn’t register that one too. hey, i know, why doesnt the town copyright Maxine’s name and threaten her with legal action if she uses it. after all, we’ve put in a lot of effort building up the goodwill in that “brand”. haha.

    hard to believe but true. yes, there are some crazy things happening in this town. so sue me.

    Comment by Happy Trails — September 15, 2008 @ 2:55 pm

  8. you can’t say that…that’s my name!!!!

    Comment by sue me — September 16, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

  9. an attempt by the Pubic Officer and our esteamy just ice of the piece, to bring the whole debacle into the public forum in the AGM was thwarted by Gina, the founder of the group who has had running and ongoing problems with this person. This includes telling on the group at other public meetings. This is her modus operandi……no longer madam!!!!

    I would like Maxine to tell the world what it is that makes this community group so problematic.
    Is it the fund-raising for Amnesty International?
    Is it the fund-raising for community events?
    Is it the organisation for Copley of Clean-up Australia ?
    Is it having markets and fairs to raise money for an art gallery?
    Is it donating to local gymkhanas?
    Is it helping with Greening Copley?
    Is it that they are supporting a community newsletter because CDPA won’t?
    Is it the fact that the group is doing what CDPA is supposed to be doing?
    Is it that now the accolades are theirs? Even though they don’t want any.
    oopppsssssss….seems I have asked too many questions again!!!!!!

    Comment by sue me — September 16, 2008 @ 12:39 pm

  10. Hellllooooooooooooooo Maxine what’s the go here????????

    Comment by En. Quirey — September 18, 2008 @ 1:16 pm


    G’day friends in remote areas,

    Looks like an anything goes in that lawless state over there. This kind of intellectual and identity theft would not happen in Victoria. Ha, ha and look how easy we got SA water! Der!

    Check out the Aussie constitution for inconsistencies. Seems like SA. CA needs a bloody good overhaul. They’ve always been out of kick with the rest of Australia. In the meantime these scavengers are having a feast.

    This type of low-life activity is not befitting our image of did I see a JP mentioned there? Is it real or did she steal that title too.

    Must be some funding flying around for this malignant scumbag to steal the name of your History Group and then try and trade off on your hard work. You wait, there’ll be some $$$$ around somewhere while legitimate pensioners in Oz can’t get a red cent.

    If you have no laws over in SA to protect ordinary citizens then make your own. If you’re not in Australia anymore then DON’T VOTE!

    Sound like the more we surf around the state there, the more confused it’s getting. Too much industry I say. I reckon this lunatic running around stealing community group business names has mental probs. Hasn’t she got enough brains to make up a name? Sounds like with a brain like that she is “history”. Must be the pollution from the mines over there making her hallucinate, visions of grandeur in…where was it…oh yes Copley…wow. Or did she think she was in New York..haha?

    Looks like they make it up as they go anyway. Who’s watching over that place? They reckon the whole state’s like a badly built Leggo game.

    Is this the same town where the Progress were knocking off the water and selling it to the residents? And ever better, the politicians couldn’t figure out who was in charge of the water. Saw that somewhere. Did they ever figure it out? If not, we’re coming over.. wouldn’t mind some free water. Might start up a new business there.. like another History Group – the real one. Haha… these guys are unbelievable.

    Web Surfer Vic

    Comment by Web Surfer — September 18, 2008 @ 3:00 pm

  12. Hypocrites! First deal with the huge logs of failings and faults in your own life before you set yourself up to comment on the speck you object to in your brother.

    Jesus – Luke’s Gospel 6:42

    Comment by The Reverend — September 19, 2008 @ 10:35 am

  13. As founder of the original group I feel it’s time to step in here.

    Firstly, thank you everyone for your input, secondly – this matter is an ethical one, everyone involved must search out their own reasons for doing what has been done.

    As far as the Copley History Group – we will move forward, with our original aims and go on with: fund raising, history research, community project support, markets, fairs, art & music, donating to other local groups, clean-ups, greening etc.

    We will do so with ethics, integrity, banter & laughter. I look forward to moving toward light, community and a healthy environment.

    Thank you

    Comment by gina — September 19, 2008 @ 12:01 pm

  14. Hey Reverend,

    This obviously hasn’t occurred to you, but unless you are JC Himself, you too have a log or three in your own eyes.

    Which, ahem, makes it just a tad hypocritical when you busybody yourself lecturing others about their eye-specks…

    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I seem to have an Amazon Forest lodged in my cornea and need to go do something about it.


    “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle if it is first lightly greased”
    – Book of Expletives Deleted

    Comment by Ocular Deforester — September 19, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

  15. look out for their stall at the Beltana day next weekend..wooohoooo will be a blast!!!!

    Comment by gloria TNG — September 19, 2008 @ 1:19 pm

  16. Hey, I reckon the reverend’s a fake.
    When did they start passing judgement?
    Must be an ancient pharisee

    Hope it passes, like we might!
    Passing riiiiiiiight through

    By the way, have bookmarked this site, sounds like some dicey stuff going on here. Might have some contacts…..!!!!

    Comment by Tourist — September 19, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

  17. By the way, we’ve come over to set up for the Beltana weekend and having second thoughts about the humour of all this. Have been through the site and see some serious problems not being dealt with.

    With Copley already under scrutiny would like to arrange a meeting with the editor of the Community Newsletter. I believe the jigsaw puzzle would fall together on your desk.
    Will find you.

    Comment by Tourist — September 19, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

  18. Within these premises, the only thing one can be is an impeccable mediator. One is not the player in this cosmic match of chess, one is simply a pawn on the chessboard. What decides everything is a conscious impersonal energy that sorcerers call intent or the Spirit.

    Comment by C. Castaneda — September 19, 2008 @ 9:13 pm

  19. hey Carlos what an interesting comment about spirit & intent. think you have hit the nail on the head. to be the observer is the most hard thing to be when ethics and morals have been left out of the picture and the others are bought off, sold out or intimidated. what is the intent of the copley history group? that formally known as such anyway. what is the intent of she who took the name for herself then says her business has gotten a bad name from that name…doesnt make sense to take something that is bad for your business does it?
    tainted by this action it would make sense for those people to throw it away along with the theif

    Comment by gloria TNG — September 19, 2008 @ 10:52 pm

  20. wow!!! just saw some of the awards Copley History Group has got over the years. i am impressmented. does that woman get to take those too?or does she just want the copier or the history found & paid for by the founder.or maybe all the old photos and info the founder has collected & been given over the years. maybe she wants to dig the graves in the cemetery so she can say i put that person there & sell it to a tourist who happens by.its about selling somethink. maybe its all the adnyamuthna stories she has collected that she will sell to tourists.its all about selling …selling….selling……other peoples stories cos she aint got any herself.

    Comment by gloria TNG — September 21, 2008 @ 5:39 pm

  21. Still looking for Di Starick,
    Could moderator pass the email address along pls?

    Be very careful whoever is talking about selling Adnyamuthna stories. These things have a way of backfiring. I understand these people have sharp bones. It’s been interesting visiting around here. The walls have ears and also surf the web rather quietly.

    Would like to meet the founder of the Copley History Group too. We are working on some projects you may be interested in. Would like to see your collection and record your awards for our archives. Part of our work is to link up with groups in the area.

    Comment by Tourist — September 21, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

  22. I’m here

    Comment by di — September 22, 2008 @ 12:08 am

  23. Hello Di, we are looking at subscribing and archiving your copies of the Copley News (Pheonix). It’s quite unique. Often asked for it down in Adelaide, and thought the Beltana opportunity would be a good time to catch up.

    Remote communities are trying to get local news started and the Copley model is ideal. Would like to use it as a prototype. Someone has pointed us in your direction already, so we’ll pop in and see you.

    The name of your associated history group isn’t an issue. This type of thing happens in SA. We are still looking at identlty theft. More importantly we are looking at performance and acheivements, not names. 17 years of operation is substantial enough for recognition.

    thanks for replying and talk soon.

    Comment by Tourist — September 22, 2008 @ 8:04 am

  24. “Community members are asked to be aware that as of 19th August 2008, local proprietor and JP Mrs Maxine Hawking has registered the words ‘Copley History Group’ as a business name and has stated in writing, September 3rd 2008, to the founder of the group and editor of the Copley Phoenix, that any further use of those words will lead to legal action”.

    Dear Editor,

    Could you please send a copy of any correspondence related to the above text to email address attached? Please add the contact details of the originating History Group if this is convenient.

    Yours etc…

    Comment by Interested — September 22, 2008 @ 5:29 pm

  25. Looking forward to seeing you, Tourist at Beltana. Just look for the most colourful stall. I mean the people, not just the goods. Maybe you would like to join the bocce ball excitement.
    It might take me a while to get all the newsletters to you though. Do you want them on disk or in hard copy? I do know someone else who has every issue…….

    Comment by di — September 22, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

  26. Hey I just did a search for this Maxine Hawking and look what google spat out:

    HorsesAss.Org » Blog Archive » Maxine for President! – 49k – Cached – Similar pages

    That old horse’s ass again… 😛

    Comment by freaked out — September 22, 2008 @ 10:06 pm

  27. I get it. I thought the horse’s Ass was a joke. So how come they’ve cast her as a little pink piglet? Well, not real little.

    This is pretty intriguing stuff. Don’t ya just lerv Google? It always comes up with the answer.

    Comment by Web Surfer Vic — September 24, 2008 @ 3:01 pm

  28. I am absolutely livid and I’ve had a gutful. This kind of insensitive, derivative, incendiary drivel really gets on my goat. In my day, you would have got tuppence for an old pair of trousers and nobody the wiser. You can say that again. Sticks in my craw and I’ve seen a few I can tell you. In this day and age, talk about frightening the horses, you wouldn’t read about it. Blog it? Yeah, you can blog it all right. And that’s all I have to say on the subject. For now.

    Comment by Berserk of Tunbridge Wells — September 25, 2008 @ 6:29 pm

  29. TwIsT
    cLosE yOuR mInD
    ClOsE yOuR eYeS
    SeE, It dOnT mAtTeR
    EnGaGe yOuR vOiCe
    wItH NO tHoUgHt
    WaLk oN bY
    dOnT lOoK oN wHo yOu tReAd
    bE EnRaGeD
    Be iNdIgNaNt….
    tHiS bE tHe WaY eTcHeD iN yOuR hEaRt
    TheN yOu bE aLwAyS aBlE tO jUsTiFy A sEnSeLeSs,
    SeLf-CeNtErEd FiGhT
    If iT aIn’T sO,
    tHeN rISe aBovE
    lIkE yOuR PhOeNiX
    hEaD tOwArD tHe LIGHT,
    FolLoW tHe TrAiL
    wAlK tHe WaLk
    Go iN PeAce,
    gO wItH lOvE
    ReAcH fOr wHaT Is RIGHT….

    Comment by KiCkInG BiRd — September 26, 2008 @ 8:32 am

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