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June 25th, 2008

This is the summary of ideas presented by the fourteen people in attendance at the community planning workshop, compiled by Mark Shirley of the OACDT. The next step will be for Mark to develop a list of realistic projects for inclusion in the Community Plan to be presented to the CDPA in mid August 2008.


  • Community centre to include youth, aged care, IT Training, to use as a Central meeting place, events area
  • An environmentally sensitive building using solar power, using local skills ideas etc with the view of uniting whole community.
  • business activities to promote employment
  • working together
  • Community Day- Back to Copley Day
  • Arts/ Crafts projects
  • Sharing facilities
  • Unity
  • Share the town
  • Community support for aged who can’t physically do for themselves- people are the community
  • Supporting each other
  • Community fairs/ Craft stalls
  • Events promoting community involvement, games, picnics etc
  • Respect for each other
  • Skills Audit


  • Community Building projects- use local material, mudbrick, utilise local building skills
  • Upgrade Housing Trust Homes
  • Private Home ownership that will lead to pride self esteem, prosperity
  • Employment Opportunities through training, building and maintenance.
  • More environmentally friendly housing


  • Feral Animals Control
  • Development of Dam for Recreation
  • Dam being developed for town greening project that will include solar pump and water tank storage for Fire use
  • Cleaning and clearing of local waterways
  • Proper drainage systems
  • Cleaning of local streets
  • Self sufficiency in water via water purifier project
  • Mining watch
  • Health Issues, dust pollutions
  • Coal dust, Zinc Dust, normal Dust control
  • Regular air water monitoring
  • Keep greening Copley
  • Create wetland area utilising Highways Dept to building pit with trees and wait for the rain preferable in and around shreks swamp, including fish, trees, frogs- are for young and old.


  • Ongoing sports activities
  • Any youth activities
  • Youth represented on Progress
  • Youth represented on Aroona Council
  • Safe Environment- safety House
  • Education and Careers advice
  • Leadership Training – AYAC
  • Youth Week activity
  • Support for youth with Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • Safe House for Women and Children
  • Help the Aborigines with Alcohol Problems
  • All school aged children to attend school regularly not to be wandering


  • Organised sports activities at Community hall using existing equipment
  • Lighting for tennis Courts
  • Race club/ Gymkhana Committee build race track in original area next to Cricket club, perhaps integrate areas.
  • More sporting equipment eg tennis gear, courts, gym, indoor complex
  • Walking tracks
  • Fitness club


  • Jobs for local people
  • Training on Event management and governance
  • Building training
  • Self employment
  • Locals employed at businesses
  • Heavy machinery training
  • Off road training
  • Police training for local people in view of having police station
  • IT Training
  • Jobs Training
  • Trust, Respect, Motivation, Self esteem, Training in Health Issues, More locals trained to be health workers, nurses, doctors and top stay rather than travel from elsewhere.
  • Employment in the area of Arts and Craft, Self Employment, opportunities, Copley Ceramics Project.


  • Indigenous Cultural Tourism project
  • Art and craft Gallery at Jerrys shop
  • Interpretive walks of mural projects
  • Interpretive signage of Historic Buildings
  • Character stories
  • More small business opportunities- self employment
  • More tourists
  • Publications and flyers developed on Copley
  • History- local History Centre to be owned soon
  • More businesses to keep the town smiling
  • Tidy Town
  • Understanding of OACDT and Town Committees
  • Education to tourist re dumping of human waste and rubbish.
  • Renovation of old church for use as Art gallery/ Tourism venture.


  • Replacement of water pipes in town
  • Whole of town waste collection using Leigh Creek trucks.
  • Recycling/ composting
  • Renovations of Community hall
  • Town maintenance Foreman/ team
  • Town services, locally
  • Police presence at Copley, indigenous officers training local people to work as police aides
  • Waste management for middle earth
  • Overhaul of water management- too many people are not paying bills
  • Alternative power for the town, solar and wind power, Hot Rock geothermal energy.


  • Own carers
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Aged care facility complex
  • Men’s health, Men’s Shed Programs
  • Dust monitoring- health statistics
  • Caring for our neighbours
  • Mental health care and support
  • Pre/ post natal support- see Di.
  • Mental health care and support
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse assistance for healing
  • Initiatives for rehabilitation
  • Wellness Centre
  • Care in homes so travel to hospitals not needed
  • Fly and Mosquito control ( more frogs) improve environment
  • Look at health Issues- more important
  • Support for alcohol/ drug abuse- families- women and children
  • Safe House for them- include combined community
  • Support and understanding of these issues
  • Health/ Fitness ongoing, gym training and availability.


  1. we were busy bees…weren’t we????

    Comment by di — June 25, 2008 @ 11:10 pm

  2. This shows the reality of our community….the positive ideas are all there, having been stored for years of inaction by CDPA and their disallowing of members a voice in the direction and plans for their future. We are not here just to bolster up the tourism ventures of the businesses in the town.
    We are people with ideas and ideals which are worthy of voicing and supporting.

    Comment by di — June 27, 2008 @ 11:41 am

  3. It will be interesting to see what our ‘governing, ruling, body’
    do with it….

    Comment by gina — June 27, 2008 @ 2:32 pm

  4. sigh….. Cobwebs……

    Comment by Gina — September 21, 2008 @ 2:58 pm

  5. Mark Shirley had returned with the developed plan to CDPA, but, as an AGM was to be held, decided to present it to the new committee….well, think we can kiss that goodbye. Pinky made a comment at the AGM, suggesting that members needed to put their names to the specific strategies in the plan, so implimentation can occur….hhhhhmmmmmmm. Unless we see it first, as submitted by Cecelia, don’t think so.

    Comment by di — September 30, 2008 @ 4:38 pm

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