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February 16th, 2008

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The Copley Phoenix, formally known as the Copley Newsletter, is edited by Di Starick, and has been published and freely distributed across the district since November 2006 .Monthly editions will now also be published on this community news website under the category of Copley Phoenix/Newsletter.ContactEditor: Di Starick Copley Newsletter, PO Box 65, Leigh Creek PO, 5731Advertising $2/text box $5/page $10/doubleSubscriptionsThe newsletter is available by for $2/month or $20/year.Disclaimer

Articles and stories in the Copley Newsletter are solely the opinions of the writer and not necessarily of the editor. Let it be known that the editor will not print any gossip, or any article which may offend or hurt another person. If you have any issue with any article within, write to us and let us know. All letters will be held in confidence unless specified that they are for printing. Thankyou. Address and contact details must be provided for ‘letters to the editor’. The Editor, Di Starick

The Copley Newsletter produced and funded by volunteers and printed with the kind support of the Leigh Creek Area School.

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