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September 5th, 2008

The ABC have reviewed the transcript summary of a recent SA Country Hour article on the withdrawel of funding for the Copley Newsletter, now the Copley Phoenix, and the decision by the CDPA to delete the Community News site from the Copley community domain. The summary has been amended with apologies to the Editor of the Copley Newsletter for misrepresentation. For the record, no notification or correspondence has ever been offered from the Copley and Districts Progress Association to explain why this Community News site was deleted from the Copley community domain by request of the Copley and Districts Progress Association.

The amended summary is published here, see below for an excerpt of the letter from the ABC.

Dear Ms Starick

ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs has reviewed your complaint, and agrees that the online summary of the Country Hour story “Local newsletter offline” did not accurately represent the interview undertaken with you. The ABC acknowledges that the online summary should have included reference to possible reasons why the local newsletter was removed from the Copley Progress Association website, and the Association’s response.

The omission of this information misrepresented the full context of the story, and consequently was in breach of ABC editorial standards relating to Topical and Factual content which state: “Every reasonable effort must be made to ensure that factual content is accurate and in context and that content does not misrepresent other viewpoints.”

Further, it is clear that both the broadcast itself and the online summary inaccurately stated that you claimed you had not received correspondence from the Copley Progress Association. This is a further breach of the ABC’s editorial standards for accuracy.

The ABC apologises for these errors and I would like to assure you that this matter has been brought to the attention of ABC Radio management. The online summary has since been republished to represent the necessary context of the broadcast story, and to include an Editor’s Note explaining that you acknowledged that you had received correspondence from the Copley Progress Association:

Thank you again for bringing this matter to the attention of the ABC.

Yours sincerely

Denise Musto
Audience & Consumer Affairs


  1. Well about time this was finally explained when I first read what was supposedly said it didnt make a lot of sense now it does.
    It good to see the air cleared on this matter.
    Mining is a big issue it brings job money and all the trimmings but to the people that live among it its heartache as so many people become so ill with the dust fibres.
    Do you want to be like the chinese and wear masks about on a daily basis?????
    There are consequeses to mining into the local community.

    Comment by kate — September 5, 2008 @ 11:47 pm

  2. Thats terrific news and its reassuring that the ABC corrected their errors. Its fascinating that people who have obligations of ‘fairness’ by law, under an act of parliament, will mis-represent the truth to the nations media and still not offer an explanation for the under-handed attempt to silence the community?

    “Ms Hawking says everyone has the right to have an opinion, but she feels the newsletter should be regulated in some way.”

    So this body which is ‘regulated’ by state law to act ‘fairly’ and without ‘oppression’, unplugs a community news site without notice and then a committee member states she wants ‘in some way’ to ‘regulate’ the newsletter??

    Thankyou ABC for correcting this matter and thank goodness there are laws in place which at the end of the day will stop what is supposed to be a community association, from acting unfairly and oppressively towards members of that very community.

    Comment by nigel — September 6, 2008 @ 10:23 am

  3. it feels good to be vindicated. I certainly found out who were friends with their unwavering loyalty and total belief in my honesty. Some people are now on the fringe, unfortunately.
    it is good that the ABC have rectified the error, although the real reason for the story was not about communication between myself and CDPA committee members…it was about the closure of the blog. The fact that the newsletter was posted there, it seems, was the main problem in a certain person’s eyes.
    Fortunately, in spite of all the machinations to stop news getting to our community through the newsletter, the Copley Phoenix survives and thrives, and is now getting to all the places it was intended to be.
    I will be printing this apology in issue 28 along with the link to the adjusted story on ABC online news.

    Comment by di — September 7, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

  4. Somefings missing, in these words, maybe its truth we need, maybe its consistancceee!!

    “A locally-produced newsletter that has been available on the internet has lost support from the ‘Copley Progress Association.’

    An analysis of documents on-line and offline by the Department of Credibility (DoC) reported this week and concluded:

    The name of the Progress Association subject to discussion changes from ‘The Copley Progress Association’ to ‘The Copley and Districts Progress Association’ so often and with such patternistic certainty that questions could be asked about:

    1/Why is a different name quoted on different occasions?

    2/ Why do some people quote the registered name and other quote the previously registered name ?

    3/ What is the definition of ‘and districts’ and is ‘Eastern Outer Mongolia’ considered one of the ‘and districts’? and

    4/ Can someone please correct again the ABC as they have been given or have used incorrect information in the already corrected version of the summary…and can the complete transcript be published now because the corrected summary is not a good piece of journalism either…and if the story is not going to be summarised correctly than we may as well publish the transcript so that the information can be seen for what it is and not riddled with error and mis-interpretion.

    Leroy Hamstroodle (Part time cleaner (work-for the dole)- DoC)

    The DoC is a federal government department that sits somewhere between Defence Signals Directorate and Immigration…a small desk about two feet wide using a very old micro bee computer which never got updated as a result of budget re-alignments and government changes since 1987. Leroy could’nt find the boot disk for the microbee computer so completed this work at home. Since this report was completed the desk mentioned and computer was sited in a rubbish skip outside parliament house and Leroy was re-assigned to mow the lawn on top of parliament house.

    Comment by Porky Pie — September 9, 2008 @ 9:33 am

  5. yes, you are right porky pie, the inconsistencies are still there. But at least one correction has taken place. I have written again to ABC for a transcript, but they don’t seem able to do that for me. Pity eh!!

    Comment by di — September 11, 2008 @ 10:52 am

  6. it seems the public officer of CDPA has been caught out in a porky isnt this person a JP? too. caught telling porkies on the radio saying the editor needs ‘regulating’ closing all media streets so much effort to stop a newsletter in a tiny town why? big why?

    Comment by gloria TNG — September 19, 2008 @ 10:58 pm

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