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February 17th, 2008

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Short term: planting the seed

A foundation group of six community members responded to the first call and the following was discussed at the first meeting.

1. Participation

  • Meetings will be open, regular and jolly.
  • Volunteers and other community members will have access to news, developments and activities on a community website.
  • Group activities: local seed collection; species identification in the area; community bus trip to Port Augusta for propagation workshops at Friends of the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens Nursery; planting of trees.
  • Involvement of the kids will be strongly encouraged to promote a sense of care and custodianship of the plants. This can be helped along by inclusion in group activities as well as giving them a presence on the online blog.

2. Vegetation

  • A catalogue of plants successfully growing in the area has been compiled as a reference.
  • Further species will be identified in field trips where seeds will be collected.
  • Interested community members will follow up on the propagation workshops with small scale home propagation for community planting in later seasons.
  • The first round of plantings will be sponsored by the volunteers, who will purchase 10 plants each for the community. Plants will be sourced at the Friends of the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens Nursery. Sturdy tree guards will need to be sourced.

3. Watering strategy

  • In the immediate term volunteers will hand water their plants.
  • In the short term, watering will be done using an 800 litre tank on a trailer. The tank has already been acquired and for the time being the trailer and vehicle will be sourced by volunteers on roster basis. Water has been made readily available from community water tanks and catchment areas. There are privately owned pumps in the community but in order to maintain a flow of both water and interest, we need to be efficient, and to be efficient we need to source a pump for the tank and a dedicated trailer as soon as possible. Watering then will be managed by rostered volunteers hooking up the watering trailer to their vehicles.

4. Administration

  • Gather information from organisations that can provide support and resources for the project (catalogues, funding opportunities, memberships, donations, auspicing bodies)
  • Manage the project website, correspondance, funding for long term project developments.
  • Project co-ordination.

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  1. what an amazing start to greening Copley…holes in the ground…wonderful holes. Many and heartfelt thanks to Jaws and Anne-Maree for the hard work of getting those holes in the ground, just in time for some rain. I have made a start by planting some baby trees and shrubs in them, along with some help from Gina and her strength, experience and pony poo. Does anyone have access to slate for a path? Many thanks to the lovely people of Arid Lands at the Beltana Field Day on the weekend, for their advice on what to plant here. Also met up with Louisa there who will be coming soon with Phil Barron, to speak to us about appropriate planting. It is such a pleasure to have such knowlegable people here, like Anne-Maree, Carrie Ann, Gina and Pamela who have all contributed their expertise. Thanks all.

    Comment by di S Cover — April 26, 2008 @ 11:14 pm

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