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June 25th, 2008

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This following was taken from Di’s comment on Community Planning Workshop but I have opened it as a new thread for discussion – amt

Wednesday was a very busy day, firstly with the rally concerning the Leigh Creek Hospital’s future direction…..

The strategic plan for SA Health has been posted on their website at dated 19 June 2008.

A feedback form is available on that site. Use it to express your concerns about your access to health care at Leigh Creek Hospital.

Information sheets, a petition and feedback form were available at the rally. If you have not signed the petition, it is available at the hospital and around Leigh Creek businesses. If you are in other affected towns, then request that petition be available in your town or find out where you can sign it.

Things to think about are:-

*Hawker will be the closest 24 hour emergency GP assisted hospital.

*The importance of getting help within that first critical 1-3 hours.

*Costs for getting ill and injured people and their relatives to and from the Country General Hospital and Whyalla or Port Augusta.

*Stresses on the RFDS to fly people out to the major hospitals.These are just a few questions which need to be asked.

If you have more then write them here or on your feedback form. Apathy will not change anything, being vocal just might.

post It’s a boy!

June 16th, 2008

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A boy hobbit born was one minute to midnight on Friday 13th.

Welcome to planet earth, hope you enjoy your stay!


post Consumer Vertigo

June 13th, 2008

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Gina sent in this link to the work of Chris Jordan, an American artist whose series “Running the Numbers”, in his own words,

visually examines these vast and bizarre measures of our society, in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs. Employing themes such as the near versus the far, and the one versus the many, I hope to raise some questions about the role of the individual in a society that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible, and overwhelming.

It’s giddying stuff alright, check it out.

post Peaceful Coexistence

June 11th, 2008

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This is Lily, the lamb who was rescued from the Copley commons. She spent her first few weeks at the Space Station being (s)mothered by our puppy Genie and now she’s looking pretty happy with her new friend Spud at Maynard’s Well. It’s good to have a best friend. This photo comes from Morgaine.

ps This is a picture of Lily before she found her new best friend!


post Copley Hotel, Circa Early 1900s

May 22nd, 2008

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Nigel spotted this picture placemarked at Copley on Google Earth – they musn’t have updated the images for nearly a century! I say, is that a young Thomas Agnew tending to his cart?

post Working Bee & Feast at the Chapel

April 17th, 2008

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Posted by Carrie Ann


You are invited to a working bee and delicious feast and fire at the chapel this Sunday 20th April. Activities include getting trailer loads of gravel, sand, shale and poo; tree planting; pathmaking; trellising and weeding. Bring spades, pliers etc and a trailer if you’ve got one.

Carrie Ann the pregnant woman is nesting, gardener style!

Come and enjoy the feast.

post Charter of Rights for Indigenous Australians

April 15th, 2008

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– Submitted by Di.

Why a Charter of Rights is important to Indigenous Australians
by Tom Calma

Source from Australians All

The most revealing indicator that the NT intervention was not consistent with human rights principles was the provision at the centre of the legislative machinery used to support the intervention, namely suspending the operation of Racial Discrimination Act.

A few weeks ago I was honoured and humbled to be entrusted by the national stolen generations representative groups with the responsibility to participate in and later to speak in response to the Prime Minister’s Apology to the Stolen Generations.

I was touched by the Apology in all imaginable ways: as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner; the National Race Discrimination Commissioner and most importantly as the great grandchild of a Stolen Generations woman.

‘Her mother will not part with her’. This was the chilling account of the officer who reported on my great grandmother in 1899. When I recalled this at the Apology ceremony I had in mind not solely the pain of the past, but also the responsibilities of the present, and the demands upon the future to prevent the violation of basic human rights and dignity, such as the right of a mother to care for her child.

post Mulesing Controversy in the Spotlight

April 15th, 2008

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This article was submitted by Di.

Aussie wool? Hugo Boss doesn’t want it
April 15, 2008 – 2:13PM

US animal rights activists are claiming another victory over the Australian wool industry after one of the world’s largest fashion houses, Hugo Boss, announced it will phase out the use of wool from farms where sheep are mulesed.


post Radioactive Exposure Tour to Visit Nepabunna

April 15th, 2008

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This article was submitted by Di.

Source: BlackGreen Solidarity
Radioactive Exposure Tour 2008 May 9 – 18

Join Friends of the Earth for a journey to remote northern South Australia where we will visit the Olympic Dam (Roxby Downs) uranium mine at Roxby Downs, the Beverley uranium mine in the Gammon Ranges, the beautiful Lake Eyre and Mound Springs and meet with Indigenous peoples and local communities campaigning against the nuclear industry. The tour offers a unique opportunity to go out on to country and witness the impacts of the nuclear industry on people and the environment. Indigenous people across the world suffer most directly from the impacts of the nuclear industry and this ‘radioactive racism’ is a major focus of the tour.

Cost: $600 per person or $450 concession. Total cost of the tour will include travel, accommodation and organic vegetarian food plus paying the rent to aboriginal communities. Sponsorship request letters are available should you wish to apply for donation from an organisation that you are involved with. (more…)

post Humane Alternatives to 1080, by Nigel

April 10th, 2008

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I have been reviewing the substance, the history, the use, the effects, efficacy, and NGO and government policy, guidelines and literature with respect the current sanctioned use of 1080 poison in widespread applications in National Parks, Forestry, Food and Animal agriculture most generally described as ‘pest control’ or ‘vermin’ or ‘feral’ animal control agent.

I have raised questions with the RSPCA in respect of their policy, advocacy and campaigns in regard what is widely accepted as a horribly cruel and inhumane practice. I have been appreciative of their feedback though not endorsing of their policy they have put forward positive research to demonstrate both the cruelty and the ineffectiveness of current strategies, as have representatives from Animals Australia (see the House of Reps, standing committee on agriculture, fisheries and forestry, Impact on agriculture of pest animals. 16 March 2005.)

The above transcripts and the Sodium Fluoroacetate/Final Review Report and Regulatory Decision, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority – Jan 2008, I regard as evidence of the problem we face today and the futility of current funding which is having devastating effects on the quality of life of native and domestic animals. And here in is the fundamental importance of the statements by the RSPCA irrespective of their lack of policies to activate and change public awareness, which is required urgently to have these products banned.

The RSPCA say there are no quick panaceas and this is a complicated issue but is it really or need it be so? Here is a quick list of problems and solutions arising from a brief study of the history: (more…)

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