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March 10th, 2008

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Biogenic Foods are the foods that are still alive, like sprouts from seeds and beans, uncooked and raw. How to sprout seeds

Bioactive Foods  are the next most alive foods which include fruits and vegetables in their rip, mature and naturally sweetened stages, which also includes uncooked but unsprouted seed, bean and grain. For more tips on how to produce your own fresh produce at home, visit the gardeners at the community garden and stay tuned to this site for Greening Copley posts.

Biostatic Foods are foods which initiate the aging process in the human body. This includes all cooked foods that don’t use refined sugars, flours and preservatives.  

Biocidic Foods  are life deteriorating foods which include refined sugars and flours, fats and preservatives.  221, 230, 404? What are all those numbers in the list of ingredients? You can easily check the makeup and potential side effects of food additives that are in your foods. 

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